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Jasper 1200 Portable Power Station


The Jasper 1200 is the ultimate off-grid power station, ensuring you have reliable power wherever you go. 

With sufficient wattage and AC outlets can power small cooking appliances such as electric stoves, hot plates, or slow cookers. This allows you to prepare hot meals at your campsite.


The Jasper 1200 power station provides a reliable source of backup power during electrical outages. This is crucial for maintaining essential functions in your home or office.

Unlike traditional generators that emit fumes and require outdoor use due to carbon monoxide concerns, our portable power stations are typically safe for indoor use.

RRP $1,399

Now $999

Limited Time Launch Offer Up to $400 off


The Jasper 1200 boasts lightweight and safe lithium battery technology, offering higher energy density for an eco-friendly, longer-lasting power solution.

Enjoy outdoor entertainment and relaxation with devices like portable speakers. Embark on adventures confidently with its impressive 1008Wh battery capacity.


The Jasper 1200 is a vital tool for outdoor professionals, meeting diverse equipment power needs.

Photographers and videographers can power and charge camera equipment seamlessly. It’s a versatile, clean, and convenient solution for outdoor work, offering a reliable power source wherever your work leads.

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